Rove Blasts Journalists

Oh, this is going to get fun. Via AP:

Presidential adviser Karl Rove said Saturday that journalists often criticize political professionals because they want to draw attention away from the “corrosive role” their own coverage plays in politics and government.

“Some decry the professional role of politics, they would like to see it disappear,” Rove told graduating students at the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management. “Some argue political professionals are ruining American politics — trapping candidates in daily competition for the news cycle instead of long-term strategic thinking in the best interest of the country.”

But Rove turned that criticism on journalists.

“It’s odd to me that most of these critics are journalists and columnists,” he said. “Perhaps they don’t like sharing the field of play. Perhaps they want to draw attention away from the corrosive role their coverage has played focusing attention on process and not substance.

From the mouths of babes comes... WHAT?!?!?
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