White House Hosts American Idol Finalists

First he makes a trip to Graceland, home of the original American idol, now President Bush will host the American Idol finalists for a White House visit.

The White House announced Friday that Bush will host the Alabama crooner and other finalists from the hugely popular Fox television show in the Oval Office on Friday, when they are scheduled to appear in Washington for a live performance.

The pop singers will visit Bush on the same day the president hosts British Prime Minister Tony Blair for a meeting on fighting in the Middle East, the insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan, the effort to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb and the genocide in Darfur.

Hicks won the singing competition that has become television’s top-rated show and a pop-culture phenomenon after viewers cast more than 63 million votes for him in the May season finale — 4 million more votes than Bush tallied in the 2004 election.

Of course, a viewer can cast more than one ballot on “American Idol.”

Hicks also has a personal connection to the White House. His 9th-grade English teacher at Hoover High School in Birmingham is Laura Bush’s press secretary, Susan Whitson.You have to be pretty versatile to be President. From Tony Blair, the Middle East and Darfur, to Taylor Hicks and Kellie Pickler. Did you all catch that little reference to the election, too? I kept hearing that during the American Idol season, the comparison to the presidential vote, and thought it was stupid then. My six year old could call in and vote for an AI finalist. If she was sneaky and I didn’t catch her, she could vote for them dozens of times.

I was excited about this season of American Idol because there were three NC finalists this time. Past finalists, Clay Aiken and Fantasia Barrino, both of NC, finished in second and first places in previous seasons. This time, though, none of the NC three, Bucky Covginton, Kellie PIckler or my favorite, Chris Daughtry, made it to the season finale. They made it to the White House though.

Update: Wizbang Pop has pictures. Also check out my questions in the comments there. (I am confused about Kellie Pickler’s hair.)

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