What's This? Cynthia McKinney is Down 25 Points in the Polls?

Wow. Are the voters in Georgia’s 4th Congressional district going to send Rep. McKinney packing, again?

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

A new poll by InsiderAdvantage shows Johnson leading McKinney 46 percent to 21 percent, with one-third of voters undecided. The survey recorded the responses of 480 likely voters and has a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points.

An analysis of primary election results showed McKinney’s support eroding slightly in predominantly black south DeKalb County, her traditional base. Johnson won more votes than McKinney in predominantly white north DeKalb, Rockdale and Gwinnett, according to the analysis.

InsiderAdvantage CEO Matt Towery said his poll detected some interest among Republicans in the race, which would also work against McKinney. In last week’s primary, many Republicans stuck to their own races, headlined by the confrontation between Christian Coalition leader-turned-lobbyist Ralph Reed and state Sen. Casey Cagle in the GOP race for lieutenant governor. A poll released by InsiderAdvantage four days before that race showed Reed and Cagle in a dead heat, but Cagle got 56 percent of the vote.

McKinney’s campaign spokesman, John Evans, dismissed Thursday’s poll results.

“I’m sure that one is skewed,” Evans said, adding that Towery is a Republican. “You don’t know who they polled, and so what can you do?”

Atlanta’s mayor Andrew Young endorsed McKinney because he said McKinney’s controversy was good for Congress:

“Congress needs controversy,” Young said in his endorsement, a recording of which was played at the news conference. “The last thing we need in a democracy is people who don’t think for themselves. … I don’t always agree with Cynthia McKinney, but I always agree with her right to express her opinions because that creates a dialogue that makes democracy work.”

Yep, Mayor Young is so supportive of Rep. McKinney that he provided his endorsement via a recording. And I notice in the picture next to the article that McKinney has decided to tame her wild and crazy hair.

Hat tip: RCP Blog

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