The Definiition Of A Terrorist

My latest Townhall column builds on an item posted here earlier this week about a CNN correspondent who did not know how to define “terrorist.” I also include the true story of the KKK member who lived in my neighborhood many years ago. You have to read the column to know for sure how that fits in, but I am sure some readers here can guess.

Update: A reader/blogger emailed me this:

I can add a similar story to that of the person whose grandfather told her stories about Al Capone. I was raised in northwest Missouri and heard many stories about Jesse James and how he fought against the railroads and government officials who supported him. he was then, and in many circles is still looked to today as a hero.

One story as an example: an aunt of mine was about to lose not only her home but all of her land due to foreclosure from the bank. James heard of this and went out to her house and gave her the money needed to pay the bank what she owed and to keep her property. After he gave her the money he left and waited for the folks from the bank to arrive. When they came to the house, she paid them what was owed and they left. Waiting down the trail was Jesse, he then rode up to them and stole the money. My aunt kept her land and Jesse kept his money.

I’ve heard similar stories from many families who recalled how he helped them in one way or another. the fact remains with him as well as with Capone that they were vicious men.

Update II:After reading Tom Foreman’s post at Anderson Cooper’s blog, I was heartened to read, via Tom Elia, the transcript of an Anderson Cooper report alerting viewers to the fact that Hezbollah has been manipulating media coverage.

Hezbollah Fires Iranian Made Missiles Into Israel
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