Hezbollah Still Using UN Posts as Shields

From LGF:

From today’s United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon press release, more reports of Hizballah using UN positions as cover:

There were two direct impacts on UNIFIL positions from the Israeli side in the past 24 hours. Eight artillery and mortar rounds impacted inside an Indian battalion position in the area of Hula, causing extensive material damage, but no casualties. One artillery round impacted the parameter wall of the UNIFIL Headquarters in Naqoura. There were five other incidents of firing close to UN positions from the Israeli side. It was also reported that Hezbollah fired from the vicinity of five UN positions at Alma Ash Shab, At Tiri, Bayt Yahoun, Brashit, and Tibnin.

All UNIFIL positions in the area of operation remain permanently occupied and maintained by the troops. UNIFIL dispatched three logistic convoys to resupply some positions yesterday. Additional convoys are planned for today, particularly to the forward positions in the eastern and central sectors which are facing critical shortages of basic supplies. The number of troops in some Ghanaian battalion positions is somewhat reduced because of the increased safety risk for the troops due to frequent incidents of Hezbollah firing from the vicinity of the positions, and shelling and bombardment close to the positions from the Israeli side.

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