Hezbollah Fires Iranian Made Missiles Into Israel

Haaretz reports that Hezbollah fired a new Iranian missile into Israel:

Israel Air Force warplanes on Friday took out the launchers used by Hezbollah to fire a new kind of missile at the Afula area, the furthest south that the guerilla group has reached since it began battering the north of Israel more than two weeks ago.

The initial investigation revealed that the missile has a range of 90 kilometers. The northern district police said that this kind of missile had not landed in the area before. The level of damage caused by the missile impact and the size of the warhead is also unprecedented, suggesting that it could have weighed up to 100 kilograms.

Security officials are looking into the possibility that the missile could have originated in Iran, and may even be a Zilzal missile, which has a range of 200 kilometers. Hezbollah has moved some of its rocket and missile launchers further north inside Lebanon following IAF attacks to destroy them.

Meanwhile, it seems that Hezbollah’s leader extraordinaire Nasrallah is hiding out in the Iranian Embassy.

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