Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

I’ve always loved that phrase. Much of the language that defines our country is amazingly elegant. This is one of those phrases. During the O.J. Simpson trial I had the misfortune of sharing an office with a guy who I loved like a brother but he was dumb as a brick. He’d asked if I believed “There was any possible way” O.J. didn’t do it. He confused beyond a reasonable doubt with beyond a shadow of a doubt. I’d tell him it was “possible” that space aliens came down and killed them but it wasn’t “reasonable.” He didn’t get the difference. But I’m digressing.

As you regular readers know, a few days ago, Ace and Patterico were dead convinced they had nailed Glenn Greenwald on the charge of sock puppetry in the third degree. Kevin didn’t think their evidence was completely convincing. After Ace replied but missed Kevin’s point, I tried to make it more clear.

At the end of that post I used the legal metaphor:

Since Greenwald is a lawyer -and we all love Perry Mason- let me put it in these terms:

When Ace and company found multiple names under the same IP they had enough evidence to get a search warrant. When Greenwald produced an alibi they didn’t have enough evidence to bring it to trial much less get a conviction. And unless I missed some of their evidence they still don’t.

I said that for an amazingly obvious reason. They didn’t.

Kevin and I were not alone in believing that.

I was called a heretic (and worse) for pointing it out but I called it like it was at the time. Ace then asked both Kevin and I a rather silly “open question.” When I answered it I learned in the comments section how unhinged Ace can become.

Because I’m sure Ace is in full gloat mode, I’ll remind him what I said at the time.

I hope it is all him Ace, for your blood pressure if for nothing else.

I don’t cake [care -ed] about you or GG or your petty pissing contest… My beef is piss poor logic and reasoning. (yours)

Even if GG comes out tomorrow and says it was all him that doesn’t mean you proved anything. It means you, like a stopped clock, got lucky.

And I meant it. As I said in the post and further said in emails to him, I hoped he did nail the guy. I was willing to help him to the extent I could. But that didn’t change the fact he hadn’t proven anything at that time. I also indicated in that mail that one of my problems what they they where getting ahead of the evidence instead of making a solid case.

Enter the Prosecutor

All that changed today. Patrick took the time to make the case in a way that I now believe to be beyond a reasonable doubt.

While Ace -and to a lesser degree Patrick- got offended that we didn’t believe they had made the case the first time, I will never (and I doubt Kevin will ever) apologize for being as hard on fellow conservatives as I am on liberals. We all know that had a liberal site published what was first published in this case, the conservative blogosphere would call them moonbats and try to debunk it. That’s the way life in the hyper-partisan blogosphere works.

I think it is both intellectually lazy and dishonest to hold “your side” to a lower standard than “the other side.” Your mileage may vary.

I’m not sure whether to congratulate them on a job well done or to suggest therapy because they spent waaaaay more time on this than it was worth but either way they have proven their case -in my mind- beyond a reasonable doubt.

Was it that hard? Geeze! ­čśë

Update: (Kevin) Ace’s meltdown is back, as is the full threat…

Update 2: (Kevin) This thread is played out, and is now closed.

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