Prime Minister Al Maliki Addresses Joint Meeting of Congress


RealClearPolitics has the transcript of the Prime Minister’s speech. Here are a couple memorable portions.

I know that some of you here question whether Iraq is part of the war on terror. Let me be very clear: This is a battle between true Islam, for which a person’s liberty and rights constitute essential cornerstones, and terrorism, which wraps itself in a fake Islamic cloak; in reality, waging a war on Islam and Muslims and values.

And spreads hatred between humanity, contrary to what come in our Koran, which says, “We have created you of male and female and made you tribes and families that you know each other.” Surely (inaudible) of you in the sight of God is the best concept.

The truth is that terrorism has no religion. Our faith says that who kills an innocent, as if they have killed all mankind.

Thousands of lives were tragically lost on September 11th when these impostors of Islam reared their ugly head. Thousands more continue to die in Iraq today at the hands of the same terrorists who show complete disregard for human life.

Your loss on that day was the loss of all mankind, and our loss today is lost for all free people.

And wherever humankind suffers a loss at the hands of terrorists, it is a loss of all of humanity.

It is your duty and our duty to defeat this terror. Iraq is the front line in this struggle, and history will prove that the sacrifices of Iraqis for freedom will not be in vain. Iraqis are your allies in the war on terror.

History will record their bravery and humanity.

The fate of our country and yours is tied. Should democracy be allowed to fail in Iraq and terror permitted to triumph, then the war on terror will never be won elsewhere.


We faced tyranny and oppression under the former regime. And we now face a different kind of terror. We did not bow then and we will not bow now.

I will not allow Iraq to become a launch pad for Al Qaida and other terrorist organizations.

I will not allow terror to rob Iraqis of their hopes and dreams. I will not allow terrorists to dictate to us our future.

For decades, we struggled alone for our freedom. In 1991, when Iraqis tried to capitalize on the regime’s momentary weakness and rose up, we were alone again.

The people of Iraq will not forget your continued support as we establish a secure, liberal democracy. Let 1991 never be repeated, for history will be most unforgiving.

The coming few days are difficult and the challenges are considerable. Iraq and America both need each other to defeat the terror engulfing the free world.

In partnership, we will be triumphant because we will never be slaves to terror, for God has made us free.

Trust that Iraq will be a grave for terrorism and terrorists.

Trust that Iraq will be the graveyard for terrorism and terrorists for the good of all humanity.

Watch the video of Prime Minister’s speech at C-Span. Go to the “Recent Programs” header at the center of the page and click the “Iraqi P.M. Nouri Al-Maliki Addresses Joint Meeting of U.S. Senate (7/26/2006)” link.

Update: Rightwingsparkle notes:

When [Maliki] passionately described how the Iraqi people faced death as they went to the ballot box and always made the choice of Democracy and freedom and proved that as they waved their ink stained fingers, Congress began to clap, but who was the first to stand?

It was Joe Lieberman.

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