Enlisting Doctors In Part D Medicare Choices

Bruce Kesler writing at the Examiner looks at the complaints of those on the right and left and then suggests some ways to make the Medicare prescription drug benefit work better for patients.

Most partisan liberals and conservatives are in need of a reality-prescription to clarify their approach to the new Part D Medicare prescription drug benefit. This is a classic polarized left-right ideological confrontation that neglects the interests of the vast middle…

Mark McClellan, administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said investigators asked customer service reps for information that they are not required to provide, and may even be prohibited from providing.

“Medicare has never required drug plan call centers to provide detailed information about the prices of specific combinations of drugs,” he said. “Despite this fact, two of GAO’s five questions were on this topic.”Kesler suggests enlisting doctors in the process to better serve patients and to better utilize the program.

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