Another Matthews Rant

I don’t watch Chris Matthews anymore, but sometimes catch bits of his rants when channel surfing or on blogs like Newsbusters where I read about Matthews’ latest rant on Don Imus. Here is a bit of it. There is much more at Newsbusters.

It’s all ideology with this crowd. All they care about is ideology. The President bought it hook, line and sinker. It was just put into his head sometime after 9/11. And his philosophy is what was given to him. He didn’t have any philosophy when he went in and they handed it to him. The guys you used to make fun of at school, pencil-necks, intellectuals, the guys you never trusted. All of a sudden, he trusts the intellectuals, the guys he knew at school. You know, they’re a bunch of pencil-necks and now he buys completely their ideology because he didn’t have one of his own coming in. That was his problem. I don’t know what Bush stood for except ‘I’m a cool guy and Gore isn’t.’ And that was our problem. We elected a guy because he was a little cooler than the other guy and I hope the next election isn’t a problem of who goes to bed with their wife at 9:30 at night or who knows how to tell a joke on a stage, but it’s who has the sense of strength that comes from having read books most of their life, tried to understand history.

I stopped watching Matthews back when he started ignoring anything his guests said about positive news from Iraq or about connections between Saddam and terrorism. I guess I should start watching again, though, because I caught a few minutes of Hardball while channel surfing Monday and the following exchange was really funny. Matthews thought he was getting Pat Buchanan to say that if you vote for Republicans in the fall you are voting for that horrible failed war in Iraq. He jumped on it and got Buchanan to elaborate. I don’t think he got quite the answer he expected.

BUCHANAN: Look, politically, the Republican party will stay with the president of the United States through this November. And then they’ll see what happens. If they win the elections this November, it will be a different story, but they can’t, you don’t want to get caught moving …

MATTHEWS: You just alerted the voters out there that if you vote for Republicans this Fall, you’re basically voting for the war, is that what you’re saying?

BUCHANAN: You’re backing the president’s policy of do not cut and run.

MATTHEWS: And if you vote Democrat, what signal are you sending?

BUCHANAN: You’re cut and run or set a timetable and get out. Matthews then went to commercial.

Update: Hugh Hewitt comments on Matthews’ Imus rant.

Update 2: Laura Lee Donoho has more on Matthews rant against VP Cheney.

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