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Over the weekend, I was perusing Little Green Footballs and came across this post about the pro-terrorist rally in Boston this weekend. I was intrigued, as Beantown’s just an hour down the highway from me, so I followed the link to Solomonia’s account of his adventures at the rally.

In that account, one little bit leaped out at me:

Together, Cohen and Habash run the New England Committee to Defend Palestine, whose goals we have gone over before and which boasts Andover High School’s Ron Francis as a booster

(Emphasis added)

Solomonia has been watching Mr. Francis for some time, and by his accounts this guy is a real ass. He’s apparently hired some of his students to canvass for Israeli divestment in his home town of Somerville. He’s also very active in the anti-Israel movement in New England — which means, more often than not, siding with terrorists like Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and anyone else who likes the idea of getting rid of Israel.

Now, I happen to know a bit about Andover, MA. It’s a pretty wealthy community, with a highly-regarded school system. As an MIT alumnus, Mr. Francis would be a prized teacher.

But Andover is also very Jewish. In fact, it even has a very active Lubavitcher community.

Now, I happen to have an acquaintance who lives in Andover. This acquaintance happens to have a kid attending Andover High School, where Mr. Francis teaches. And this acquaintance happens to be Jewish.

My acquaintance was a smidgen surprised to hear from me, and even more surprised to hear about Mr. Francis’ extracurricular activities. They also thought that several of their child’s friends’ parents — also Jewish — might also find it interesting.

So far, it appears that Mr. Francis’ credentials as an MIT alumni and teaching credentials have protected him from being brought to account for his political activities (including one time, I understand, being forcibly ejected from a Jewish community event, where he and his comrades showed up to “protest”).

But now I’ve done a little meddling, whispered a few things in a concerned ear. I think now I’ll just sit back and see what happens from here…

Update: apparently Mr. Francis maintains a strict firewall between his profession and his terrorist boosting (aside from the time he hired students to canvass Somerville for his divestment plan). My source says that his politics have apparently never intruded into the classroom, he’s regarded as an excellent teacher, and the students and parents are quite aware of his politics — but choose to disregard them. As long as he’s doing the job he was hired for, they don’t care what he does after hours.

I, personally, thought that the hiring students to canvass Somerville in favor of his “divest from Israel” petition would be a clincher, but I was wrong.

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