Kofi Annan Claims Israel "Targeted" Fatal Attack On UN Observers

On a day when over 85 Hezbollah rockets struck Israel, the only item in the news is a tragic bombing at a UN post in Lebanon. Rather than waiting for an investigation, the UN has all but declared Israel guilty of deliberately murdering four UN observers.

(The Age) – Israel has denied claims it deliberately targeted a UN observer post in Lebanon in a strike that killed at least two peacekeepers.

The UN Secretary-General has called on Israel to investigate what he termed the “apparently deliberate targeting” by Israeli defence forces of a UN observer post in Lebanon, killing two peacekeepers, with two others feared dead.

Kofi Annan said Israel appeared to have struck the site deliberately.

Israel’s UN Ambassador Dan Gillerman expressed his “deep regret” for the deaths and denied Israel hit the post intentionally.

“I am shocked and deeply distressed by the hasty statement of the Secretary General, insinuating that Israel has deliberately targeted the UN post,” he said, calling the assertions “premature and erroneous”.

The bomb made a direct hit on the building and shelter of the observer post in the town of Khiam near the eastern end of the border with Israel, said Milos Struger, spokesman for the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon known as UNIFIL.

Rescue workers were trying to clear the rubble, but Israeli firing ‘continued even during the rescue operation,” Struger said.

Alan Dershowitz makes the case today that the UN legitimizes terrorists. Now the UN Secretary-General is calling Israel the terrorists…

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