Capitol Hill's Most Beautiful Person

According to The Hill, it’s Michelle Persaud, Democratic staff council for the House Judiciary Committee.


You can read the write-up about her at The Hill where she admits that what people might not know about her is that, “I can be really mean.”

Since we work on such a tight deadline we didn’t have a chance to actually interview the new queen of the Hill, but her MySpace account was gracious enough to answer a few of our questions***.

Wizbang: Tell us about yourself.

Michelle: I am awesome.

What was your reaction when you saw The Hill on the newsstand?

Michelle: who’s this hottie? oh, it’s me.

Wizbang: What position do you hold on the Hill?

Michelle: wouldn’t you like to know???

Wizbang: Well, yeah, that’s why I asked the question. What’s your job title?

Michelle:sexy bitch

Wizbang: Has there been any jealousy directed toward you over this? If so what do you say to people who wonder what all the fuss is about?

Michelle:whatever. you’re just jealous cuz i’m prettier than you

Wizbang: Are you familiar with former DeWine intern Jessica Cutler?

Michelle:my lil sis is such a brat!

Wizbang: I’ll take that as a yes.

Michelle:Whatever… i’m still cuter

Wizbang: Surely you don’t have any ambitions to similarly capitalize on your new found fame, right?

Michelle:it’s ok, as long as it’s halloween

Wizbang: Finally, what message to you have for other other female Hill staffers?

Michelle:i’m prettier than you. I am awesome.

Wizbang: Indeed…

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*** [All answers taken from unrelated MySpace comments by Michelle]

Update: Well now we’ve gone and done it… Michelle (yes it’s really her) writes, “My colleagues and friends have told me not to take this stuff that you guys are saying personally, but I can’t help it. It hurts.

When you have to explain the humor in a “fluff” piece perhaps it’s not as funny as you originally thought… Just to be clear all of the quotes above from Michelle are just random bits of the text posted at MySpace by Michelle – in her profile and elsewhere. None of that was particularly interesting last week. With the appearance of The Hill article and her selection at the top of the list, the quotes about being pretty [In actuality they were mostly jokingly directed to her sister] were suddenly funny. Now rather than pointing to her MySpace profile and saying, “OMF WTF?” we tried to use her MySpace persona in a humorous way. I’ve also written a more detailed personal note to Michelle…

For those complaining about the picture included; here’s the one in The Hill…


And finally for all of you trashing Michelle in the comment section; now she’s actually shown up you might – perhaps – be a little more civilized.

Update 2: Never ones to leave well enough alone, and since the whole MySpace thing was supposed to be funny, we went looking for the funny

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