Olbermann's O'Reilly Obsession

Bulldog Pundit points out how pathetic Keith Olbermann has become.

What is really creepy though is how obsessed the moonbat lunatic Keith Olbermann is with O’Reilly. Olbermann’s show is allegedly on at the same time as O’Reilly’s on MSNBC. I say “allegedly” because if you believe the ratings hardly anyone watches Olbermann. That’s why I don’t call Olbermann a “competitor” of O’Reilly because O’Reilly has about 7 times more viewers.

Olbermann continued his stalker-like behavior of O’Reilly this weekend (O’Reilly had been named Olbermann’s “Worst Person in The World” 15 times). At a gathering Olbermann mocked O’Reilly and delivered a Nazi-like salute.Read the rest to find out which character from one of my favorite movies, The Incredibles, Bulldog is reminded of when he sees Olbermann.

I think the format of Olbermann’s show could actually be a ratings winner if the content was not so laughable. He regularly eschews facts for conspiracy theories and liberal talking points, making it a show only a brainwashed moonbat, or someone who likes to laugh at brainwashed moonbats, could love.

Update: As always, Olbermann Watch has much more and pictures, too.

Update II: Olbermann Watch has an update of Olbermann defending his Nazi salute with “lies and slander” on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Talk about "bang for your buck..."
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