The Joe and Val Story Remains the Same

My Townhall column today is about how even as more and more facts become known that contradict Joe Wilson’s tale, the Plame story in the mainstream media remains unchanged. I also compare the media unraveling of the Duke lacrosse rape case to that of the Wilson-Plame story. I would welcome anyone to convince me that I am wrong about this one, because I really want to be.

Update: Eric commented that media reaction to Katrina would have been a better example than the Florida Recount example I used. It is a better example, especially since it is so recent. The Recount example is good, too, because it shows how even now, six years later, the myths remain. I wish I had thought of the Katrina one first, though. There are literally dozens of examples of media myths that remain unchanged in the face of facts, but the Duke Lacrosse rape case is actually much more rare. Can anyone else think of a big news story in which perception changed so rapidly when new facts became known? If this doesn’t make much sense, it will help to read the column first.

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