And Now the Desperation Set In

You can tell when people on the last legs of a dying argument. They start asking really meaningless open questions hoping they’ll mean something. Ace is at that point with his Greenwald fixation.

He asks Kevin an open question. Now normally, I wouldn’t jump in middle but this one just deserves an answer.

An Open Question For Kevin From Wizbang!:

… So in a fairly vicious post about him, one which I know he read, both the posts and the comments, because he remarks about a particular comment by Cassandra on Cassandra’s thread– why did no one calling himself “Glenn Greenwald” respond?

No response from “Glenn Greenwald.” However, a response from “Ellison,” making exactly the same points one would expect Glenn Greenwald himself to make.


Let’s say “Ellison” is his overprotective boyfriend, going behind his back to defend him with Greenwald’s knowlege. Ellison defends him in the thread. But Greenwald doesn’t know that, right? Where’s Greenwald himself, under his own name, responding?

Strange… it’s almost as if Greenwald knew that the requisite defense of Greenwald had already been adequately made there, huh?

Now, if Greenwald DID know his boyfriend was doing this, under multiple names, well then, he’s complicit in the deception. Yes, someone else is defending him, but under assumed names to suggest greater popular support, and furthermore concealing his relationship with Greenwald. And Greenwald knows he’s doing this. Even if this were true — how, exactly, does this absolve Greenwald? He’s still guilty of sock-puppetry, using his boyfriend to actually type the words. Perhaps sock-marionet-ry is more accurate.

So, Kevin– why is it that when Ellison defended Greenwald after a post which attacked Greenwald, and which Greenwald is known, conclusively, to have read, Greenwald himself saw no reason to comment?

Um… Maybe he was busy at the time?

If Ace is reduced to “The English is too good be a Brazilian” and “He didn’t reply and that means he’s guilty” you can tell the rest of the case is now going down one of those internet tubes.

If you need more evidence the party is over, Patterico who was all exclamation points yesterday, is now pointing to Ace and saying, “It’s was all his idea.” Being a prosecutor, he knows a weak case when he sees it.

All that’s left now is waiting for Don Meredith to start singing.

Update WOW. If you need proof the desperation is setting in, just take a gander at Ace’s comments below. Unhinged.

He makes accusations of Greenwald then he DEMANDS that I prove his accusations are false. Lost on Ace is the fact he needs to prove they are true. He has no proof, all he has is conjecture and now a temper tantrum. Nice.

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"An earth-shattering kaboom"


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