More Debunking of "That Girl Emily"

Whoever is behind the “That Girl Emily” viral marketing campaign must have a budget of near zero. Not only are they using blogspot, a free blogging service, now they are using You Tube to host supposed video of “Laura and Steven.”

They don’t pay much for the locations of their videos either.

Watch the video closely. Forget the fact that this guy is supposedly playing kissy face on a public street where someone he knows might see him. Forget the fact they get excellent video quality from under a table… Pay attention to the hotel. The cleverly block the name but they left too many clues. Notice the address on the side of the building. (113) Notice the red paint. Notice the green awning. And notice the 4 columns, 2 on either side of the entrance.

I managed to find the hotel this up and coming financial stud was supposedly going to impress his mistress. It’s the Hotel Riverview in Greenwich Village. Its Price List has rooms starting at 30 bucks a night. In New York. Of course that’s with no TV. If you want a TV in the room they charge extra.

Here are a few reviews:

Riverview Hotel, 113 Jane [Washington/West] 212.929.0060. The sorriest of the more than 250 hotels we have visited in New York. Guest room floors look like a prison. Rooms are small, barren, and awful. The bathrooms smell of urine and mildew. In one of them, a homeless person is cleaning himself up at the sink. He deserves better. LINK

And my Favorite:

“Don’t be mislead by the promise of its name. Unfortunately, young European backpackers and other assorted tourists on a very strict budget will be attracted by the rock bottom rates, unaware that the property’s front door is actually the portal to hell on earth. Roach-ridden rooms are just large enough to fit a cot with threadbare linens, small dresser with cableless TV, and a naked light bulb. The shared baths are beyond filthy and potentially dangerous, considering the basic clientele here – two-bit hookers, junkies, and the mentally challenged (in a very, very bad way). Designated as an SRO, which means the city uses vacant rooms to house the homeless in winter months. The staff is exactly what you’d expect to find in this flea-infested firetrap, which could easily serve as the setting for a ‘Law & Order’ episode where an unsuspecting tourist is found bludgeoned to death in a dark stairwell.LINK

And this the hotel that “Emily” could only dream he’d take her one day?

If you’d like to see the proof that I’m on the right hotel, go back and notice all things I told you to notice in the video then look at this picture especially this one. You can even see the green awning and the white columns.

I really hope whoever is behind this isn’t a big name. So far it looks like they’ve spent about 100 bucks on the whole campaign. Sadly for them, it shows.

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