A Note About Wizbang Tech Support

Wizbang is getting to be a rather large place. And as we grow, the number of emails from readers with some sort of problem with the site grows as well. – As a general rule all these problems are in some way related to one spam filter or another.

All of us, and especially Kevin and I since we end up doing most of the geeky stuff, take pride in our quick replies and trying to help users as best we can. But, as shocking as it might be to some of you, we are not telepathic.

In the last several days we’ve had a sharp increase in emails that read something like this:

It’s broken, can you fix it? Joe

With no indication of what “it” is or who “Joe” is so we can get a clue.

While we relish the idea you all think we are omnipotent, the truth is we require a bit more information if you want us to solve your problem. (Like a link to the post in question. 😉

We appreciate the brevity but if you’re ever in a position to send us a note seeking help of some kind, remember we are getting hit cold by it and giving us enough information to solve the problem only helps you in the long run.

Thank you and we now return you to our normally scheduled blogging already in progress.

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