Where is the outrage?

Yesterday, I was skimming the news and heard that an Israeli missile had hit a hospital in Lebanon. While I am a staunch supporter of Israel’s actions, I thought this was too much. Never mind that Hezbollah has been hiding rockets in private homes and launching from areas surrounded by civilians, this was more than I could accept. You don’t blow up hospitals, no matter what the provocation.

So I started looking around to see if anyone was outraged, and I didn’t find any comments about it. This struck me as odd, becauset there is rarely a dearth of people willing to condemn Israel for pretty much anything. But the silence on this act of barbarism was deafening.

Whoops, my bad — I heard it wrong. It was a Hezbollah rocket that hit an Israeli hospital.

That explained everything. Attacks BY Israelis are “disproportionate,” “indiscriminate,” “reckless,” and all other sorts of things. Attacks ON Israelis are so common as to not be worth mentioning.

I don’t know how I forgot about that double standard. Meryl reminds us of this on practically a daily basis.

Just remember: dead Jews are “tragic.” Jews defending themselves or avenging their dead is “destabilizing” or “provocative” or “threatening to the peace process.”

(Hat tip to Laurence Simon, who has his own notion on how Israel should respond)

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