Just Give Us All The News

Katie Couric reportedly learned from her listening tour that people find the news depressing. She interpreted that as the public wanting solutions to be presented along with their news. Carol Platt Liebau had the exact same reaction that I did to that:

Likewise, it seems to me that when people characterize the news as too “depressing,” they’re not calling for CBS to morph into a policy shop. What they’re saying, in effect, is this: Of course, we have to know if any American soldiers commit crimes in Iraq. But would it really kill you to do a story on some of the good our soldiers are doing, too — something about the toy drives for children, the animal rescuing, the plastic surgery for innocent victims of violence that our soldiers have spearheaded? Something is wrong when Americans have to read People magazine to find some positive news from Iraq, where’s there’s plenty to tell, if any network were so inclined.

Rather than finding “solutions,” CBS News would be better advised to try balancing the news, and telling some of the stories that, right now, are being shamefully overlooked.Just give us the news, the whole news and nothing but the news.

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