Bush Bashing Kos Kiddies Massage Mania!


What else can one infer over the absolute meltdown at DailyKos over 4 seconds of video. Yesterday’s “shit” story is ancient new – today it’s a “massage” analyzed in Zapruder-like detail by the unwashed masses at DailyKos in the comment section for this post.

At the G-8 summit, President Bush grabs German Chancellor Angela Merkel from behind and gives her a quick massage before rushing off. Chancellor Merkel is not amused.

While the Middle East burns, our fearless leader is busy with his frat boy pranks. Click here for the video. (A major hat tip to my German friend.)

Grab a beverage and wade into the fever swamp of the comment section

Update: Here’s how Taylor Marsh, who claims to be a liberal talk show host (albeit a host minus an actual show) characterizes the incident: “George W. Bush’s sexual harassment of the Chancellor Merkle…” Marsh has the temerity to be offended when President Clinton’s actual history of sexual misconduct his mentioned…

[Video via C&L]

"If America Wants to Ignite World War Three ... We Welcome It"
Where is the outrage?


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