More Revelations From Those Iraqi Documents

Ed Morrisey has been busy reading translated Iraqi documents. He has posted excerpts from several documents in several different posts today.

Ed characterizes the document posted here, as follows:

In the last of the documents of this release, an undated memorandum from the director of the IIS to the Military Industrialization Commission (MIC) discusses counterintelligence information regarding an informant with knowledge of the locations for Iraqi WMD programs. Document ISGZ-2004-007589-HT-DHM2A directs the MIC to change the locations of their assets.

The MIC had responsibility for all of the WMD programs, including their development, production, distribution, and storage. The message from the top man at the IIS was clear: this information was correct, and the MIC needed to act fast to move the assets around to keep them from discovery. Counterintelligence found out about his visit in time to make the changes necessary.

The Iraqis had WMD. They knew when to move them to keep them from being discovered — a task for which they apparently had abundant talent.
Another recently translated Iraqi document posted at Captain’s Quarters shows how even those in Iraq recognized bias in the American media.

Another document from the archives of the Iraqi Intelligence Service details the response plan from IIS headquarters in dealing with the discovery of a mass grave early in 2001. The burial site in the southern no-fly zone got the attention of the head of the IIS 5th Directorate, the Counterintelligence directorate, who sent a top-secret memo to the head of M4/1, Foreign Intelligence – Arab Nations. Document ISGQ-2004-00224003 lays out the Iraqi regime’s strategy for damage control.

The other points of interest show the deliberate manipulation of the media, including CNN. Why did the IIS trust CNN to deliver on their story line? Their confidence came from Eason Jordan’s capitulation to Saddam, complete with allowing the regime to dictate the copy that his reporters read into the cameras. Peter Arnett had swallowed the “baby formula” story hook, line, and sinker during the first Gulf War. Why wouldn’t they trust CNN to deliver their propaganda unfiltered to the West?

Read the excerpts of the documents referenced above, as well as additional documents, at Captain’s Quarters.

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