The American Jewish Vote

Bruce Kesler’s essay on American Jewish voters is a great weekend read.

The expectation that the American Jewish voter will suddenly have an epiphany and convert to Republicans is again alive. It might even be called an eternal hope, so strong in the face of the weight of contrary evidence.

I use that term “eternal hope,” since it’s comparable in some respects to the degree of realistic expectation among Jews across centuries that we would return to a state of Israel. Only a relatively small minority really believed that likely. It took the global catastrophe of World War II and the Jewish catastrophe of the Holocaust to bring about the creation of the state of Israel, which was still chancy at the time and its survival has remained so due to big power politics, waffling leaders, Arab attacks, and underlying prejudices.

While none but the most extreme, call them what they are, growing number of nuts on the far Left or their diminishing shell-partners on the extreme Right would hope for the end of Israel, the broader tendency among liberals to equivocate about or oppose American or Israeli armed firmness against terrorists could result in that destruction for Israel. It may take such a level of catastrophe, not expected or desired by any, to significantly shift American Jews from their Democratic Party and liberal inertia.
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