Can You Spare A Dime For Joe And Valerie Wilson's Bogus Suit?

I thought I had seen the height of brazen behavior when I saw news of Valerie Wilson’s lawsuit. I was wrong. Ankle Biting Pundits has the story of the Joeseph and Valerie Wilson Legal Support Trust. I can’t find the words, but Bull Dog Pundit had a few at ABP:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen something quite as ballsy as this website in which our favorite media-whoring Bush haters Joe Wilson and his wife Valerie are asking people to contribute to them for the bogus lawsuit they filed today.

Keep in mind that Valerie Wilson just sold her silence for $2.5 million in a book deal. The first thought that comes to my mind is how does she expect to win damages in a lawsuit when she and Joe became rich and famous beyond their wildest dreams, even though Pat Fitzgerald found no one committed a crime by allegedly “outing her”.

And old Joe is himself a paid author for his “Politics of Truth” (How’s that for an ironic title), and is a paid speaker.

The next thing that comes to mind is the absolute gall of these two in asking for people to give them money for this sham lawsuit.

And let me tell you this, these are the two stupidest people on the planet if they’re paying one dime for lawyer fees. Cases like theirs are almost always done on a contingent fee basis, where you don’t pay the lawyer if you don’t get money. Sure, you might have to pay costs for copies, filing fees, and the like, but any lawyer who gets paid by the hour for this ought to have a bronze statue erected in his honor.

One thng I really hope they do is publish the list of donors. I really want to see the people out there that are more stupid than the Wilsons.I don’t know about that. They conned the entire mainstream media into believing that they were victims of a vicious political dirty trick which endangered the life of a super secret agent. I think we already have seen a whole lotta people who are stupider than the Wilsons.

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