The Evil We Face

The release this week of the video showing the desecration of two U.S. soldiers inspired my latest column at The Examiner.

After all we have now seen, it is impossible to deny the evil that we face, although there are still some who try to justify or diminish it. Some even try to do so by equating the evils of terrorism to the criminal actions of a few American soldiers. Thankfully the current administration does not.

On Sept. 21, 2004, a day after news of the beheading of an American contractor, the vice president gave a speech in Ohio which included the following statement, which is every bit as true now as it was then: “Today we face an enemy every bit as intent on destroying us as the Axis powers were in World War II. And from the night of Sept. 11 to this day, America has left no doubt about where we stand. We have no illusions about the nature of this struggle, or the character of the enemy we face.

“The reports of the beheading of an American hostage yesterday are another reminder of the evil we face. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jack Armstrong’s family. His death is one more reminder that this is not an enemy we can reason with, or negotiate with, or appease. This is, to put it simply, an enemy that we must destroy.”

There are arguments that can be made on both sides of the issue of the war in Iraq, and how the action there affects the overall war on terror. There are also debates that should be had about how vigorously terrorist suspects should be interrogated and when and how various rights should be recognized and weighed against potential threats posed.

What should not be lost in those debates, however, is the realization of the seriousness and undeniable evil of the threat we face.

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