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There are days when I deeply, truly resent Dafydd ab Hugh. And this is one of those days.

I’m trying to find material to blog about, so I take a look at the latest developments regarding gay marriage. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court — the same body that gave us gay marriage in Massachusetts — has ruled that it is perfectly fine and valid for the issue to go before the people in the form of a referendum on a Constitutional amendment. This is exactly what I have been supporting for some time, and what many people on both sides of the issue wanted. It was only because the legislature, in a supreme act of cowardice and arrogance (a peculiar combination, but all too common in Massachusetts politics), kept killing the attempts before they could get to the people. After several go-arounds, the court essentially put the legislature on notice that if they did nothing, the very first case they got to on the matter would go in favor of gay marriage. The legislature did precisely nothing, and so it happened.

Well, Dafydd beat me to that one. He took a far different angle, but his points are excellent. I also believe that he stands on the opposite side of the issue, but we both agree that it is not a matter to be settled by the courts.

He also discussed the recent video depicting the desecration of the corpses of two of our Marines in Iraq. Here I hang my head in shame — I, too, had the same visceral reactions as many, and wanted sure and fast justice brought down on these savages. But Dafydd argues — convincingly, to me — that focusing on the actual perpetrators is exactly the wrong thing to do. In fact, it’s embarassing to admit that it is exactly the same philosophy behind my apathy towards the fate of Osama Bin Laden.

Thanks heaps, Dafydd. Now I gotta find SOMETHING to write about…

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