Israeli Airstrike Destroys Palestinian Foreign Ministry


After a two week offensive into Gaza in its effort to reclaim kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shilat, Israel bombed the Palestinian Foreign Ministry in Gaza City. From the AP:

A bomb dropped by an Israeli warplane destroyed the Palestinian Foreign Ministry building in Gaza City early Thursday.

The bomb collapsed the building and caused widespread destruction in the area. The Palestinian foreign minister is Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar.

The Israeli military confirmed it carried out an airstrike on the Palestinian Foreign Ministry, noting that it is “led by Hamas.”

At least three people were wounded in the strike, which took place after 1:30 a.m. The injured were in neighboring buildings, and it was not known if anyone was in the ministry at the time. Ambulances and rescue services were racing to the scene.

Houses and cars in the area were badly damaged by the force of the blast, and the third and fourth floors of the foreign ministry building were destroyed.

Israel has been waging a two-week offensive in Gaza after Hamas-linked militants carried out a cross-border raid, killing two Israeli soldiers and capturing a third. Early Wednesday, an Israeli aircraft dropped a quarter-ton bomb on a house in Gaza City where Hamas commanders were meeting, killing nine members of a family.

Earlier this month Israeli warplanes attacked the Hamas-controlled Interior Ministry twice, causing considerable damage.

Israel is proving to its enemies, who probably expected more capitulation, that it is prepared to engage in a two front war.

Update: Fox News’ Shephard Smith asked Jennifer Griffin if this was all out war. She replied that if it was, then it was an uneven war since Israel has the largest military in the region compared to its neighbors. So what? I give Israel credit for being as restrained as it has having sustained year after year of mortar attacks, car bombs, and homocide bombers. The terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah decided they wanted a war, and they got one.

Update II: Isreallycool has all the coverage from inside Israel.

Update III: Terrorists are such cowards that they insist hiding behind innocents in the hopes that Israel would never strike them. Take Abu Salmiyeh, a Hamas terrorist. Rather than having war planning meetings at a location away from his home so his family could remain safe, he instead held them surrounded by his wife and children:

Nine members of one family were killed in Wednesday’s airstrike, with an Israeli F-16 warplane dropping a quarter-ton bomb on a home in a crowded Gaza City neighborhood. The strike was by far the deadliest in Israel’s 15-day military campaign in Gaza, launched after Hamas-allied militants kidnapped an Israeli soldier

Israel’s air force targeted the two-story house of Nabil Abu Salmiyeh, a Hamas activist and university lecturer, after getting intelligence information that the leaders of Hamas’ military wing, responsible for the abduction of the soldier, were meeting there. Palestinian security officials said seven or eight top Hamas officials were present.

The blast wounded 37 people, three critically, said Health Minister Bassem Naim. Hospital officials said Raed Saad, a top Hamas operative, was among the wounded, but details of his condition weren’t released.

Abu Salmiyeh, his wife, and seven of his nine children, ages 4-18, all died.

Now that Israeli government is finally responding to its enemies as it should have a long time ago, Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists would be advised, if they love their families that is, to hold their war planning meetings away from home. Then again, Hamas and Hezbollah would be denied anti-Israel PR opportunities.

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