If A Reporter Wanted To Tell A Really Interesting Story…

They could tell the story of how Joe Wilson’s tall tale was spun, produced and mass distributed.

I have been perusing past posts on the Plame matter in light of Robert Novak’s revelations. One thing I found was posted fairly recently (April 10) in response to the Washington Post editorial which held that Joe Wilson had lied and that Bush was justified in trying to correct those lies. This is what I wrote in April:

Just think back on all those 60 Minutes pieces, as well as all those other network profiles, portraying Wilson as the brave whisleblower trying to protect his victim wife. The media coverage of Wilson was lengthy and fawning. The reporters never pointed to any of the many inconsistencies in Wilson’s stories. They fed him softballs and pointed to a scary government that would out a CIA agent, putting her very life in danger, in order to discredit and get revenge on a critic of the President’s war policy. Where are all the network news anchors rushing to report what the Washington Post has determined? Katie Couric could set the record straight and correct all the misleading reporting done on 60 Minutes. She could make that her first big story in her new gig at CBS News. Maybe she will get around to it right after she finishes her investigative piece on who forged the Bill Burkett documents.

Obviously when I wrote that I did not realize Katie’s start date at CBS would not be until the fall. Maybe Charlie Gibson could run with this one.

What I asked following that Washington Post editorial could be asked in light of this Novak revelation. The Novak story will get some television coverage, and even more print, but I will be really surprised if there is any attempt, especially in network television coverage, to expose the lies that Joe Wilson told and, more importantly, to explain how those at the networks bought his story hook, line and sinker. Remember that the entire time so many at the networks and elsewhere were telling a story of an innocent falling victim to vicious political retribution, Bob Novak was arguing (obviously without specifics) that it just didn’t go down that way.

The Novak revelation is just a piece of the original puzzle (admittedly the great big fat piece that the entire puzzles rests upon) that started the Democrat spinmeisters and the mainstream media machine churning. The rest of the story is of the media all too eager to regurgitate the Wilson/Democrat talking points by repeatedly stating as fact things that simply were not. I know we will hear the Novak story in the coming days. I wonder if we will hear the rest of the story.

Update: I guess it really will be sometime afer the origin of those Burkett documents is discovered before we get a true and accurate piece on the Plame story. As if I needed any proof of that… Ian Schwartz has posted video of Mary Matalin on Hannity & Colmes last night. The segment includes Alan Colmes repeating the “retribution” meme, which should have been long retired, and then also trots out the “Wilson proved Bush was wrong about uranium” one as well. Mary rolls her eyes at least a couple of times in this one. I don’t blame her.

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