Barbaro Experiences Pontentially Serious Complications

This is not good news for such a magnificent horse:

Barbaro, who shattered three bones in his right hind leg at the start of the Preakness at Pimlico Race Course on May 20, has undergone three surgical procedures in the past week. In the most recent one Saturday, Richardson replaced the titanium plate and 27 screws and treated two infections — one in the injured leg and a small abscess on the sole of his uninjured left hind hoof.

“Today we will focus on further diagnostics and keeping our patient comfortable,” Richardson said.

Doctors are also keeping watch for any signs of laminitis, a potentially fatal disease sometimes brought on by uneven weight balance.

Unfortunately, it’s because of laminitis that horses in past years had to be put down after breaking a leg. Let’s hope technology has improved enough that Barbaro can be saved.

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