Rep. Cynthia McKinney Does it Again

True to form, Rep. Cynthia McKinney is in the center of another controversy. No, she didn’t hit anyone. This time she failed to show up to not just one, but two televised debates.


Congressional Quarterly has the report:

Rep. Cynthia McKinney, D-Ga., failed to appear at two televised debates over the weekend, fueling criticism from two opponents who are challenging the controversial incumbent in a July 18 primary in the state’s 4th District.

DeKalb County Commissioner Henry C. “Hank” Johnson Jr. and architectural firm project manager John F. Coyne III, who are challenging McKinney, debated Saturday on WSB-TV and also participated in a second debate Friday that was sponsored by the Atlanta Press Club and which will air tonight at 7 p.m.

It is not uncommon for incumbents to skip debates, which tend to elevate lesser-known opponents. But Johnson’s campaign said that McKinney’s absence was a “slap in the face” to her constituents, and his campaign Web site features Johnson gesturing to McKinney’s empty podium at the Friday debate.

Johnson and other locals are waiting to see if McKinney will attend a debate tonight that is being sponsored by a local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Coyne told Monday that McKinney has participated in debates that have been on her “home turf” where she feels “safe.”

Yet he noted that McKinney can only be harmed by these larger televised appearances. “She has no incentive to come to these debates . . . She only has votes to lose and none to gain,” Coyne said.

Again, Rep. McKinney demonstrates that she feels entitled to her House seat.

Sweetness & Light notes that Rep. McKinney has a good reason why she’s not sweating her reelection bid: she gerrymandered her district herself.

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