BREAKING: 7 Explosions Reported on Bombay Trains

Little is known at this point

7 explosions hit trains in Bombay, India

BOMBAY, India – Seven explosions rocked Bombay’s commuter rail network during Tuesday evening’s rush hour. The blasts ripped apart train compartments and reportedly killed dozens, police and Indian media said.

There was chaos throughout Bombay’s crowded rail network following the explosions, and authorities struggled to determine how many people had been killed and injured. But Indian television reports indicated the death toll could be in the dozens.

Television images showed injured victims sprawled on train tracks, frantically dialing their cell phones. Some of the injured were being carried away from the crash site. The force of the blasts ripped doors and windows off carriages, and luggage and debris were strewn about.

Pranay Prabhakar, the spokesman for the Western Railway, confirmed that seven blasts had taken place. He said all trains had been suspended, and he appealed to the public to stay away from the city’s train stations.

Bombay, India’s financial center, and New Delhi, the capital, were reportedly on high alert. Bombay’s commuter rail network is among the most crowded in the world.

If early reports are correct and it is 7 blasts, it seems a certainty it was not an accident. As always Wizbang will be updating.

Update FOXNews reports 60 confirmed dead.

Update 2 Bombay (Mumbai) police now report 80 dead.

It looks like the number of blasts is steady at 7 and clearly they are bombings. Now the question is who did it. So far no claims of responsibility. – Apparently the 7 blasts were timed over 30 minutes.

100 feared dead 300 injured.

Update 3 7 bombs in 11 minutes. Mostly in first class areas.

Update 4 Indian officials knew the attacks were coming but didn’t know the place or time.

Update 5 The death toll is now at 147.

Update 6 Suitably Flip reports that bystanders in Srinagar captured one of the terrorists who lobbed a grenade in a vehicle and turned him over to police.

Update 7 The AP is now reporting that there were eight bombs.

Update 8 Death toll has reached 163 with 460 injured.

Update 9 Allah at Hot Air links to an MSNBC report that says the prime suspect is Dawood Ibrahim, an Indian Muslim with links to al Qaeda.

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