War-fighting tips from the Boston Globe

The Boston Globe has an editorial about Israel’s recent retaliatory strikes into Gaza, offering their valued opinions on the matter. Let me condense it for you:

1) Under no circumstances allow a civilian to be harmed, even if the civilians are standing around known terrorists and offering themselves as human shields.

2) Don’t attack power stations, because the same electricity (provided by Israel, largely) that powers the streetlights and makes night-fighting more dangerous for Israeli soldiers is also used by civilians.

3) Attacks with unguided rockets, suicide bombers that target civilian targets, and the invasion of Israel resulting in the deaths of two soldiers and the kidnapping (NOT capture) are acts of war, BUT restraint must be shown.

4) Rocket attacks on schools and suicide bombers on buses don’t respresent “targeting of civilians.” They may be bad, but they don’t quite rise to the level of condemnation as turning off someone’s air conditioning.

Apparently, the Boston Globe believes in the subtle liberal racism here. The Israelis can be held to the highest moral standard, because they’re “better” than the Palestinians. The Palestinians, though, are pretty much immune from any demands of restraint or civilized behavior, because they’re the “victims,” and “victims” can’t be held to any kind of moral standard.

Sometimes trying to understand this stuff makes my head hurt.

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