The Generals

Over the past few months, Laura Lee Donoho has written some very informative posts about the generals that have come out in opposition to President Bush and the war in Iraq, and she does so again today in response to a column from Jed Babbin that more is to come from those generals.

My husband was a Lt. Col in the J-8 (Resource Management) in the Joint Staff during the Clinton administration. The peace dividend taken by President Clinton over his two terms castrated the military. However, to ensure that there was no bad press the Clinton administration required the cuts to be in the areas which were less visible.

A great deal of the general officers at that time rose up and in protest submitted their resignations. (this was integrity) The rumors around the Pentagon were that they would publicly decry the destruction of the military’s ability to defend our country.

This did not happen. From what my husband heard through the grapevine the administration made very viable threats against the mass protest and they had a reputation of making good on their threats.

What is little known to the public is how these cuts were accomodated by the newly appointed generals who replaced those who had resigned. They redefined the support structure of the military combat units.

My husband saw the results of these cuts when he was a senior planner for the Iraq Invasion. The accomodation made by the Clinton administration generals was to do away with support structure by contracting out the majority of our logistics. This presented a tremendous amount of problems which in Iraq, resulted in the lack of specific equipment (armored Humvees, body armor, sufficient repair parts, and transportation assets) and in some cases resulted in losses.

The Army’s new leadership under Clinton stipulated that these cuts in support would be assuaged by civilian contractors rather than the military system that had been necessary in the previous fifty years. The new “just in time logistics”, and the loss of the military Depot system as well as the reduction of support personnel was responsible for a four day lag in the march to Baghdad as well as numerous issues dealing with the logistical lines and problems with the Army support units internal capabilities. (i.e. Jessica Lynch story and others)

The generals we are now hearing from are the same ones who were the architects of this fiasco under Clinton. Read the rest, including the excerpt from Jed Babbin’s column that inspired her post, at Wide Awake Cafe.

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