New York and Georgia High Courts Rule Against Gay Marriage

This is not good news for the gay marriage movement.

New York’s highest court ruled Thursday that gay marriage is not allowed under state law, rejecting arguments by same-sex couples who said the law violates their constitutional rights.

The Court of Appeals, in a 4-2 decision, said New York’s marriage law is constitutional and clearly limits marriage to between a man and a woman.

Any change in the law would have to come from the state Legislature, Judge Robert Smith said.

“We do not predict what people will think generations from now, but we believe the present generation should have a chance to decide the issue through its elected representatives,” Smith wrote.

Gov. George Pataki’s health department and state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer’s office had argued New York law prohibits issuing licenses to same-sex couples. The state had prevailed in lower appeals courts.

Also the Georgia state high court reinstated its gay marriage ban:

The state Supreme Court reinstated Georgia’s constitutional ban on gay marriage Thursday, just hours after New York’s highest court upheld that state’s gay-marriage ban

The Georgia Supreme Court, reversing a lower court judge’s ruling, decided unanimously that the ban did not violate the state’s single- subject rule for ballot measures. Superior Court Judge Constance Russell of Fulton County had ruled that it did.

Seventy-six percent of Georgia voters approved the ban when it was on the ballot in 2004.

These rulings are very important to the preservation of traditional marriage. However, the pro-gay marriage groups aren’t going to shrug their shoulders and accept these defeats. One of the couples who lost in the NY court vowed that the fight isn’t over.

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