Happy Birthday, Mr. President

I would like to wish the President a happy 60th birthday today. President Bush has not been a perfect president, but in many ways he has been the right man at the right time, and I am an unabashed fan. On some of the issues that he has not handled so well, he still has time to improve. In some of the areas in which he has performed incredibly well, but has received no recognition, I believe that one day he will. Call me an optimist. I plead guilty.

The Anchoress recently captured some of the reasons I am thankful for this President in The Essential President Bush.

Stuff like this doesn’t hurt my opinion of him either.

Some think the President might be a bit worried about getting old. If you would like to let the President know that 60 is not old, you can send your message via internet. The RNC has a virtual card that you can sign and personalize with your well wishes (warning — there is a contribution request on the same page).

Happy Birthday Mr. President.

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