Stop, Goniff!

So here I am, minding my own business, packing for my vacation, and I get am IM from Laurence Simon. Lair says he and I need to “collaborate” on a Ken Lay-inspired spam. I tell him that I can contribute style, but not much substance — Enron DID happen in his back yard, after all. I suggested we use a 419-style scam letter as a template, even going so far as to suggest using David Anderson’s site as a resource, as he posts EVERY SINGLE 419 spam he gets. (David, a suggestion: use the “extended entry” for the actual letters. Most of us see enough of those on our own without having to wade through yours as well. Keep more room for the pictures of beautiful women.)

Lair doesn’t respond for a bit, so I figure I’m being ignored. I’m used to that from him.

Shortly thereafter, this shows up on IMAO.

I’m used to Lair stealing from me, but now I think I need to make a phone call…

Political Momentum Shifts in Favor President Bush and Republicans
Wasted potential


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