Political Momentum Shifts in Favor President Bush and Republicans

That’s what Noel Sheppard writes in his newest piece at The American Thinker:

Despite such unwarranted enthusiasm, the currents dramatically changed in June. This tidal shift began with the killing of al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, followed by President Bush’s surprise visit to Iraq, and culminating with the New York Times SWIFT article and the Hamdan decision. As a result, in a matter of just three weeks, the political discussion moved from illegal immigration, same-sex marriage, and Iraq, to an issue that Americans still feel Bush and the Republicans are better at handling…the War on Terror.

In effect, the Times and the Supreme Court changed the playing field of political discourse as drastically as moving a Yankees-Red Sox game from Fenway Park to the Bronx. In doing so, they also served Republicans up a fastball right over the heart of the plate that should be easy for them to whack out of the park.

Read the rest of his article. I hope Noel’s analysis is right. I would love to see the Dems delivered another loss at the polls in November.

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