North Korea Tests Seventh Missile with Possibly More Ready to Launch

Fox News just announced that the White House has confirmed that North Korea has still more missiles ready to launch. In fact, it launched a seventh missile earlier this morning.

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea test-fired another missile Wednesday, intensifying the furor ignited when the reclusive regime launched at least six missiles, including a long-range Taepodong, earlier in the day.

The missiles apparently fell harmlessly into the Sea of Japan, and U.S. officials said the long-range Taepodong-2 failed shortly after take-off, calling into question the technological capability of North Korea’s feared ballistic missile program. Pyongyang last fired a long-range missile in 1998.

But the audacious military exercise drew immediate attention and condemnation. The North American Aerospace Defense Command monitored the launches as they progressed but soon determined they were not a threat to the United States, a spokesman said.

The political reaction was swift. The White House called the tests a “provocation,” while the
U.N. Security Council scheduled an emergency meeting for Wednesday and Tokyo warned of economic sanctions against the impoverished, communist country.

North Korea remained defiant. A North Korea foreign ministry official told Japanese journalists in Pyongyang that the regime there has an undeniable right to test missiles.

The missiles of real concern are the Taepodong-2 long range missiles which appear to be failing miserably. Also, North Korea is launching from a different site than was expected. How can North Korea have a second site that no one knew about? Update: The US knew about North Korea’s other site(s) but didn’t expect the missiles to be lauched from there.

The UN is going to meet later today.

Update: GOP Vixen has fun with “You know your missile sucks…”

Update II: Bill Gertz at The Washington Times reports that the missiles were launched from multiple locations.

Update III: Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi says he can’t rule out more missile launches.

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