Be careful what you wish for…

Massachusetts, as has been widely noted, is arguably the “bluest” of the blue states. And the crown jewel of the state, the gleaming sapphire that puts all other blues to shame, has to be The People’s Free Democratic Republic of Cambridge. The home town of Harvard and MIT is filled to the brim with people too educated to think, and so damned stinking rich that they don’t have the slightest problem with jacking taxes for whatever is the cause du jour (because, after all, that’s what the accountants are for — to make sure that they don’t have to pay a penny more than absolutely necessary).

A while ago, Cambridge decided to declare itself a “Sanctuary City” for illegal aliens. That meant that local law enforcement was forbidden in any way to enforce immigration laws, or cooperate with other agencies that do. It was a wonderful feel-good moment for the Cambridgeans. as the only illegal aliens they ever encounter are menials — anyone wealthy enough to live in Cambridge is wealthy enough to secure legal status. So they opened their arms to their landscapers, maids, roofers, and the like, knowing full well that they could never afford to take advantage of the proferred generosity.

Well, someone decided that Cambridge’s noble gesture deserved a bit of attention, and perhaps even some help in implementing it.

ProjectUSA, a Washington-based immigration control group is choosing to give Cambridge a hand in putting their theory into practice. They’re planning on putting up billboards announcing Cambridge’s “Sanctuary City” status, along with a phone number where illegal aliens can get info on how to get there and how to contact public officials.

Said Cambridge officials are a smidgen upset at this unsolicited assistance. ProjectUSA director Craig Nelson (not the actor, I believe) dismisses the “racist” charge, noting that that is one of the fallback stock insults from the Left when they have no other answer.

I think it’s a grand idea. One of the most devastating and most honest tactics in a debate is to simply highlight the words and deeds of one’s opponent, and all ProjectUSA is doing is spreading the word about Cambridge’s bold, brave stance. How the hell can they possibly object?

Oh, I forget. It’s CAMBRIDGE. Simple logic and reason doesn’t apply. They are not only utterly divorced from reality, but they’ve obtained a permanent restraining order keeping reality a safe distance away.

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