Well Worth The Wait

I have been hearing about the new Townhall site for weeks and weeks and have been staring at a “coming soon” announcement for two days and now finally, after a day of 4th of July festivities, I have had time to check out the new site. It was definitely worth the wait. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am now a Townhall regular weekly columnist, with a column running every Friday. All the old regular Townhall columnists are still there, with the addition of newbies like me. Townhall.com is the new home of bloggers Hugh Hewitt and Mary Katharine Ham and talk radio hosts like Bill Bennett and Mike Gallagher. There are interactive tools galore on the new site. I will probably still be discovering new features for weeks to come. Jonathan Garthwaite gives some details about the changes and additions and Mary Katharine has already been blogging there all day long. The new site promises to be a strong force in conservative politics with its action-oriented emphasis. The folks at Townhall are inviting reader feedback on the new format and features. I have already supplied mine here.

Update: Mary Katharine Ham pointed out a couple of features I had not discovered yet, including the Funnies page.

A Convenient Lie
Hitchens On Paper Majorities


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