The Boston Globe: the illegal alien's best friend — as long as it's convenient

One of the reasons I get so aggravated about the illegal alien issue is the flagrant exploitation of human beings that is part and parcel of the whole problem. Employers exploit the aliens by paying them under the table, for substantially less than the free market would normally command for their services. The aliens exploit the system, soaking up untold dollars in social services subsidized by those of us who do pay our taxes. Consumers exploit the advantages of skirting the laws and regulations that would drive up prices. And so on. In the end, nearly everyone loses — but since so few people can draw a direct line between the advantages they gain and the costs they pay, it continues on apace.

There is a prime example of such exploitation in this morning’s Boston Globe.

For as long as I can remember, the Glob has been the illegal alien’s best friend in the newspaper racket. They have done all they can to muddle the issue, to confound attempts to enforce the laws, and to hound and harass those who dare to think differently. They have flagrantly attempted to conflate legal immigrants with illegal aliens, hoping to bring about enough fear and trepidation that even those who did wait in line and follow all the legal steps would feel threatened enough to stand with those who cut in line ahead of them.

But that was when it was a matter of PRINCIPLE to the Glob. Now, though, that principle is conflicting with other elements of their political agenda, so once again the illegal aliens are being exploited, as the Boston Globe throws them under the bus.

There’s a three-way race for the Democratic nomination for Governor in Massachusetts. One candidate is businessman Chris Gabrieli, and he’s being pretty much left alone. Another is Deval Patrick, a former NAACP lawyer and Bill Clinton’s Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, where he gained a reputation as a “quota king.” Patrick pushes all the right buttons at the Globe — he’s a black lawyer with Clinton ties and impeccable liberal credentials.

The third candidate, though, the one with the biggest name recognition in Massachusetts, is Attorney General Tom Reilly. (A good chunk of that name recognition, though, is from people laughing at him.) Reilly is pretty much seen as Patrick’s main rival, so that means that at the Glob (a long-time Reilly supporter), the knives are out. Sorry, Tommy, we know we’ve backed you for years, and it’s nothing personal, but we want Patrick and you’re in the way.

Now, illegal aliens are mainly a federal issue, but occasionally they come acropper of state laws as well. And that means that any story that can link illegal aliens to state government or law enforcement makes Reilly look incompetent. (Not that that’s too hard to do.) Hence, two weeks ago, the Glob did a massive expose’ on state contractors using illegal aliens on state construction projects.

And this morning, the Glob discovered that a cleaning service also used illegal aliens. While this in and of itself should come as no great surprise, the fact that this particular service held the contract for cleaning the Massachusetts State Police Headquarters and 18 other facilities around the state meant that it was another chance to slam Reilly. After all, Reilly is the state’s highest law enforcement officer, and the state police answer to him.

Of course, it didn’t hurt matters that the owner of the cleaning company has been a political donor to Republicans, too.

But what about the poor migrant workers, those just trying to make a better life for themselves by doing the jobs Americans can’t be bothered to do? To the Globe, the answer is simple:

Screw them.

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