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I don’t talk much about The Day Job, because I like to keep the two separate. But every now and then, things just have to cross over.

I get to know a lot of interesting people through work, and they get to know a little about me. One person learned about my admiration and fascination with nearly all things naval, and remembered me recently.

This person has a very, very, very, very, very small part in working on the Navy’s next-generation destroyer project, known over the last few years as DD-21 (21st-century destroyer), DDX (experimental destroyer), and currently DDG-1000 (resuming the “old” numbering of destroyers, which had started over at 1 when they changed from DD to DDG (guided missile-armed destroyers), but skipping 998 and 999).

It seems that in the last name change, the Navy sent down word to “get rid” of the prior artistic renderings of the planned class leader, now legally named the USS Zumwalt after Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, the former Chief of Naval Operations who served with distinction in World War II and Viet Nam. They had made some very minor changes in the official portrait (adding in the hull number and making one of the guns firing), and that meant the prior versions were consigned to the trash heap.

Well, this acquaintance of mine knew that I’d be more appreciative of their print than the dumpster would be, so I now find myself in possession of a rather large copy of this picture. The full version measures about 18 inches by 24 inches, it’s mounted, covered with a protective laminate, and is more than suitable for framing.

Which I just might do.

And yes, I thanked my benefactor profusely.

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