The fault, dear Markos, lies not in the stars, but in ourselves

I haven’t really paid much attention to the whole Kosola mess. I’ve known Kos is an asshole for some time; hearing that he was quite likely an asshole in another vein was no great surprise.

But that didn’t keep me from getting a rather interesting little tip from a very unlikely source.

As my source (I’ll call him “Skippy”) puts it, there’s a rather interesting timeline going on here regarding Mr. Armstrong’s use of astrology and his political fortunes. Mr. Armstrong’s web site, MyDD, has been around for a long time. Kos gives it credit for starting the Daily Kos in May of 2002. Kos first linked to MyDD in June 2002, and the two were hired by the Dean campaign in December of 2002.

But Mr. Armstrong was still a bit, shall we say, “star-struck.” As recently as November, he was still touting his astrological expertise and ability to use the movements of celestial bodies to determine the sway of elections — as noted by Gary Crosse of the San Diego Union-Tribune and preserved by the noted pollsters at Zogby International.

One of the standard attacks the left makes against some of the right is the “religious zealots” charge, and repeated attacks on those who profess their religious faith as key elements of their political beliefs. But (speaking as a professional agnostic) there is a hell of a lot more evidence supporting the validity of Christianity than there is of astrology, and mocking their beliefs (which, they insist, are SCIENCE and not religion), is far more justifiable.

And fun.

Robert Heinlein, the brilliant science fiction writer and source of so, so many great quotes, put it best in “Time Enough For Love:”

“A touchstone to determine the actual worth of an “intellectual”- find out how he feels about astrology.”

(Update: “Skippy” e-mailed me after I put both this story and myself to bed with a slight correction. Apparently Dean hired the Blunder Twins in June of 2003, not December of 2002. Apparently Mr. Trippi made overtures back in December, presumably on behalf of Howlin’ Howard, but they came to naught. However, Old “Screw ‘Em” apparently still had a “Draft Clark” banner on his page right up to within a month of signing on with Dr. Dean.

This should teach me to never put too much faith in an adult named “Skippy” — even if I hang that name on them myself.)

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