A New Bin Laden Tape

CNN is reporting a new Bin Laden audio tape (with archive video images) that is in the process of being translated. I will post a link when one is available. The video is reported to last just over 19 minutes and was delivered through a jihadist website.

Update: Via Fox News.

Usama bin Laden praised slain Al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as the “lion of holy war” in a new videotape posted on the Web on Friday.

The 19-minute message shows an old still photo of bin Laden in a split-screen next to images of al-Zarqawi taken from a previous video. A voice resembling bin Laden’s narrates a tribute to the Jordanian-born militant, who was killed in a June 7 airstrike northeast of Baghdad.

“Our Islamic nation was surprised to find its knight, the lion of jihad (holy war), the man of determination and will, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, killed in a shameful American raid,” bin Laden said.

It was the fourth message put out this year by Al Qaeda leader bin Laden. All have featured his voice in audiotapes. New video images of him have not appeared since October 2004.

Update II: For those wondering how long it will take leftwing conspiracy theorists to weigh in, wait no longer. They started before the tape was released.

In the next few days, the world will hear a new audiotape from Osama Bin-Laden. This five minute tape is said to be a tribute to fallen Iraqi terror leader Zarqawi.

With the July 4 weekend the timing is almost too perfect for the Bushies, and their fear-mongering allies on talk radio and in Congress, don’t you think!

I can see it now- July 4 speeches and rallies, appearances with troops: “the war on terror is very real, and our brave men and women in uniform are there for us”… mention Osama..mention “emerging” Iraq democracy…keep America safe from terrorists and safe for the unborn and the true believers. (Link via Sixers at NRO.)

Update III: More from Counterterrorism Blog including this from MSNBC:

Evan Kohlmann on MSNBC: Tape doesn’t indicate that any incidents are on the horizon – OBL is jumping on Zarqawi’s coattails and using his legacy – ironic since OBL always had problems and Zarqawi is more useful to OBL dead – the tape is subtitled only in arabic, so the intended audience are those primarily supportive of Al Qaeda in Mideast (tapes intended for the West are subtitled in English and American recruits are used in producing these tapes) – OBL is saying Zarqawi’s death is only a bump in the road and a sign of moving towards victory, and Al Qaeda appreciates Zarqawi’s role – Zarqawi is the “rock star” and Iraq became the front line since the US arrived there – Americans have nothing to fear from this but it was intentionally put out in time for July 4th, as OBL and Al Qaeda are very media-savvy.

Counterterrorism Blog also notes that this tape is audio only of Osama and that there have been no fresh videos of him since October 2004.

Update IV: In my column at Townhall today I discuss those who are honoring the threat of terrorism. Hint: Those who think the bin Laden tape is a Bush/Rove/Republican conspiracy, are not honoring the threat.

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