Where are the Calls to Abandon Pennsylvania?

For almost a year now, near daily, I read someone who thinks they are intelligent pontificating that we should abandon New Orleans. Of course the same is never said about California or Florida or anywhere else that might be impacted by the environment.

Today we get the news that Pennsylvania is flooding. Again.

Pennsylvania Flooding Forces Evacuations

Up to 200,000 people in the Wilkes-Barre area were ordered to evacuate their homes Wednesday because of rising water on the Susquehanna River, swelled by a record-breaking deluge that has killed at least 12 people across the Northeast.

Thousands more were ordered to leave their homes in New Jersey, New York and Maryland. Rescue helicopters plucked residents from rooftops as rivers and streams surged over their banks, washed out roads and bridges, and cut off villages in some of the worst flooding in the region in decades, with more rain in the forecast for the rest of the week.

Wilkes-Barre, a city of 43,000 in northeastern Pennsylvania coal-mining country, was devastated by deadly flooding in 1972 from the remnants of Hurricane Agnes. It is protected by levees, and officials said the Susquehanna was expected to crest just a few feet from the tops of the 41-foot floodwalls.

41 FOOT floodwalls?!? The highest levees in New Orleans are about 15 feet.

They built 41 food floodwalls to protect 43,000 people. Obviously this area floods and as all the New Orleans bashers love to say, “It’s not a case of IF it will flood again but WHEN it will flood again.”

This graphic of flood events per county makes the point:

Click image for full size.

From the same source. Virtually no state in the union has the challenges of flooding that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania does.

120 flood events in 50 years? Truly if there is a place that should be abandoned it is Pennsylvania. — And yes, for my more simple readers, Pennsylvania is above sea-level.

Of course you’ll never hear cries to abandon Pennsylvania. Nobody will call the residents of Pennsylvania stupid. Nobody will insult their intelligence for living behind 41 foot levees. Nobody will complain that taxpayer dollars went to build a 41 foot levee system to protect only 43,000 people.

You’ll never hear that about a northern state.

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