Immigration roundup

With all the attention illegal aliens are getting, sometimes I find myself feeling sorry and angry on behalf of those who actually do it right. Those immigrants who get in line, do the paperwork, follow the rules, jump through the hoops, and earn their citizenship. In fact, my sympathies (and, I confess, a touch of envy — they will in all likelihood value their citizenship far more dearly than I, a native-born American, most likely ever will) are a large element of my outrage over those who cheat — and those who enable them.

For example, Massachusetts Judge Robert Cornetta.

Judge Cornetta yesterday dealt with the matter of Alex Costa, an illegal alien from Brazil. Mr. Costa, while driving an unregistered car, struck and killed a Massachusetts man was walking along the streets. As I understand it, Mr. Costa left his job at Dunkin Donuts, didn’t wait for his windshield to clear, and drove off. He never saw 49-year-old Richard Golin in the crosswalk until he ran him down.

At his sentencing, not only did Judge Cornetta reduce Costa’s 9-month jail term to “time served,” but lamented the “real cause” of the accident — the lack of driver’s education for illegal aliens.

The one brief hopeful element is that Judge Cornetta didn’t release Mr. Costa, but instead ordered him turned over to Immigration for deportation. I’ll be generous and say it’ll be at least six months before Mr. Costa is back in the United States, most likely under another name.

But I’m sure Mr. Costa just killed a pedestrian that Americans couldn’t be bothered to kill.

At the same time, I am reminded that despite the eager efforts of the pro-illegal-alien lobbies, Mr. Costa is NOT emblematic of all immigrants. He’s a good symbol of the illegal immigrants, but there are a lot of others who do NOT deserved to be tarred with the same brush. For example, 100 immigrants took their oaths of citizenship in the Boston state house yesterday, and each of them is worth far more than a thousand Alex Costas.

And, thanks to Kehaar of Siflay Hraka, I find myself moved beyond words by this account of someone who grew up under the brutal yoke of communism finally achieving her life-long goal of American citizenship.

Welcome, A. W. You are exactly what we need in this nation. I would cheerfully trade a hundred — a thousand — Alex Costas for you.

Unfortunately, for every A. W, every Sachi, every one of those unnamed hundred people who took their oath yesterday, we have our Alex Costas by the bushel.

There HAS to be a way to separate the wheat from the chaff, and streamlining the legal process while rigorously enforcing the existing laws seems to be the most logical way.

Naturally, that is the least likely approach our government will actually take.

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