GOP Reacts to Disclosure of Secret Terror Finance Operation

The Republicans are drafting a resolution that will condemn the media’s disclosure of the secret terror finance tracking operation.

WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans sharply criticized The New York Times and other news media Tuesday for disclosing a secret Bush administration effort to track terrorist financing, and House GOP leaders hurriedly drafted a resolution condemning the stories.

A vote was possible as early as Wednesday, according to House Republican officials.

While a “free and objective independent media is necessary to the maintenance of liberty,” a draft of the resolution said, “The New York Times and other media outlets that solicit the discovery of sensitive information and unilaterally determine to publish such information could be placing lives at risk.”

The paper has defended its reporting, saying publication has served America’s public interest. Messages seeking comment on the nonbinding House resolution were not immediately returned.

“There’s genuine outrage and concern by Republican members of Congress,” said Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., and chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. “There’s a growing consensus that something should be done.”

Rep. Jack Kingston spoke about the NY Times’ irresponsible decision to publish the article. Listen to his comments here.

While this resolution is largely symbolic, it will clearly define the differences between the Republicans and the Democrats who have been largely silent on the New York Times’ disclosure. Where is their outrage that our ability to fight terror by tracking terrorists’ finances has been undermined?

The Terrorist Finance Tracking Program is Over
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