Is the NY Times at War With America?

Michael Barone’s latest column is up at Real Clear Politics. He, like most people, is dismayed that the editor of the New York Times, Bill Keller, took it upon himself to disclose without legitimate justification a national security operation that is meant to protect American lives:

Why do they hate us? Why does the Times print stories that put America more at risk of attack? They say that these surveillance programs are subject to abuse, but give no reason to believe that this concern is anything but theoretical. We have a press that is at war with an administration, while our country is at war against merciless enemies. The Times is acting like an adolescent kicking the shins of its parents, hoping to make them hurt while confident of remaining safe under their roof. But how safe will we remain when our protection depends on the Times?

Good question, Mr. Barone.

L.A.Times' Attempt To Explain Why They Published Classified Information
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