Why did the turtle cross the road?

Some people just care too much about animals…

Yesterday, on Interstate 93 North in New Hampshire, a woman spotted a turtle trying to cross the highway. She stopped her car and got out to help it finish crossing the road safely.

In the left lane. The passing/high-speed lane.

Now, the story doesn’t give a very precise description of the incident’s precise location, other than “just south of the weigh station.” I happen to know that stretch of highway very, very well indeed, and that particular weigh station is just before the crest of a hill, just after a sweeping right curve. In other words, you can’t see more than a hundred yards or so ahead of you at some point.

And that is where this sensitive, caring, compassionate woman chose to stop her car in the left lane.

Wonder of wonders, the next driver managed to avoid plowing into her.

As did the driver after that.

But the third car smashed into the first two.

And the fourth..

And the fifth.

By the time the smoke cleared, five cars were smashed into each other, and two people taken to nearby hospitals.

The initial turtle rescuer saw the carnage, tsked softly to herself, got in her undamaged car, and drove off.

Police have no leads on the identity of the idiot who caused the wreck of five cars and sent two people to the hospital, but they believe the turtle is still at large.

The New York Times, Crossing the Damn Line
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