Put Up More Flags

As anyone even vaguely aware of the current political atmosphere in America well knows, our friends on the Left are often bleating about those questioning their patriotism. From Boston to Berkeley, leftists decry the shrill right-wing tactic of castigating them as unpatriotic.

Never mind the fact that one seldom sees real examples of this in action. If you don’t count Ann Coulter–who appears to think that all Americans save J. Edgar Hoover are guilty of treason–it’s difficult to come up with an example of this sordid machination. In fact, we think that lefties question the purported questioning of their patriotism far more often than it is actually questioned. If you get our drift.

To this end, driving on the streets of, say, Madison, WI, one can see bumper stickers that read “Peace Is Patriotic” or “Dissent Is Patriotic.” We can’t wait until we stumble upon a T-shirt with the slogan “Hoping for the Defeat of America Is Patriotic” emblazoned on its front.

The touchiness that leftists appear to feel in regard to patriotism might lead you to believe that they wouldn’t use it as an issue with which to browbeat their opponents. Which is why we found this article from the popular left-wing Democratic Underground “website” most curious. Penned by one Nancy Gregg, it amounts to a wholly unsophisticated lefty version of what liberals supposedly despise.

Titled “It’s Time to Take Down the Flag,” it begins thus:

In view of what we have seen and heard for the past few years, and especially in the last few months, it is time for all of you who still support George W. Bush and this Administration to take down your American flags. Remove them from your front porch, from the flagpole on the lawn. Pack away your stars-and-stripes T-shirts, and remove the flag-pins from your lapels.

After offering the typical un-nuanced anti-Bush vituperations, Ms. Gregg gets to her point:

A true patriot doesn’t ignore the needs of the nation, nor its citizenry, and does not systematically revoke the very freedoms our democracy was founded upon. If you support the Bush regime, what it stands for, and what it has done, you are no patriot.

We know what you’re thinking: Coming from those who detest the questioning of their patriotism, that’s about as hypocritical an assault as you can offer. It’s interesting that sundry comments left by fans of the Democratic Underground don’t see it that way.

(Note: The Crack Young Staff usually “weblog” over at “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” where they are currently silk-screening “‘Peace’ Is Patronizing” T-shirts.)

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